Homeschool Reporting Online Daily Grade Tracker

Daily Grade Tracker

Homeschool Reporting Online only requires grades on a quarter or semester basis. If you prefer to track grades more frequently, download our Daily Grade Tracker spreadsheet (requires Microsoft Excel). After you’ve completed each quarter or semester, login to your Homeschool Reporting account and enter the information from the “Average GPAs” tab.

Home Education: A Compelling Documentary

Home Education Documentary

Home education is sweeping through the country as parents recognize the wonderful opportunity they have to educate their children at home. Whether you’re considering home education as an option or are already teaching your children at home, this documentary will become a source of continuing encouragement for moms and dads everywhere. Watch for free!

Music Project: Reflections

Music Project: “Reflections”

Reflecting back on the music that intrigued me as a child, this instrumental album highlights the musical chord progressions that made the creative genius of Smitty Price, Harlan Rogers and David Foster cause me to spend countless hours at the piano. This project was recorded at my home on a Yamaha CP5 digital stage piano.