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Here's what other home educators have been saying:

"As a school administrator this is the best resource for record keeping that I have ever found. Our school is incredibly organized thanks to Homeschool Reporting Online. The thing I love the most is being able to instantly look up a student's entire transcript while I'm on the phone with the parent. And the parent can see the same thing, at the same time, on their end! It makes our service so much better!" ~ Tennessee

"If you're running an umbrella school, I don't know why you wouldn't use Homeschool Reporting Online. We love it!" ~ California

"We are really impressed with the service!" ~ Florida

"I just reviewed your web site and I think this is a great idea. I am currently working on my first child's transcripts for college and wish we had done something like this...I am impressed! I think I am going to sign up for my second child even though she is still only 4th grade! I learned my lesson from the first one!" ~ Hawaii

"It works great! I am impressed...I think the program may be helpful to some other families in our home school group..." ~ Virginia

"As a college admission officer who has examined many homeschool transcripts, both for admission and scholarships, I can tell you how valuable your services are. An organized, well-documented set of transcript materials can make the difference in how a student's education is perceived. I commend you on providing an option that allows families to present a strong application, but still stay in control of their education." ~ Educational Advising Ministries

"This will make my job a lot easier...and the price is good too!" ~ California

"Thanks heaps!" ~ Australia

"[We are] grateful to HomeSchool Reporting Online for its instant online grade reporting services." ~ Tennessee

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