August 1, 2020

Get Started Homeschooling

The world of homeschooling is vast and can seem rather daunting. With all the advice out there, knowing how to get started can seem overwhelming. Here are three easy steps to get you going.

Step 1: Know the legal ways to homeschool in your state

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) tracks the homeschooling laws in every state. Visit HSLDA’s website, review the options in your state, and select the simplest, least intrusive path. We also encourage you to join HSLDA and renew your membership each year.

Some states (not all) require you to register with a school that provides a legal covering (aka: umbrella school). If your state requires such, you may wish to register with a school that already uses our recordkeeping service. You can find a list of schools we serve on our Affiliate Schools page. If your umbrella school isn’t listed, or is not required in your state, you can still use our recordkeeping service.

Step 2: Choose your curriculum

Once you complete our sign-up process, our “Curriculum Research Tool” will help you choose which curriculum is best for each of your students. Once you’ve found the right blend of resources for your students, order the materials. After your student has learned the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, you will be surprised at how quickly they begin to educate themselves. Keep providing them the resources they need and they will amaze you. You may also want to join a local homeschool group where other moms and dads can offer advice and encouragement.

Step 3: Track your progress

At the end of each quarter or semester, simply login and record each student’s grades. If you have grades from prior school years (public or private school), you will be able to enter those as well.

You will learn more about home education as you go. Don’t worry. With all of the resources out there, it is easier than you imagine.

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