March 21, 2022

Homeschooler’s Prayer

“Heavenly Father, our Great Divine Master, our Fountain of Living Waters, Thou who has created us from the very dust of the ground, hallowed be your glorious name which is exalted above all blessings and praise. We thank you from the very depths of the calmness of our spirits that you have produced through faith in your beloved Son, His Majesty the Lord Jesus Christ, that we are the children of God through faith. I ask you at this time, Oh Father, that everyone in the hearing of my voice that will ever hear this prayer, that you would show them that it is our responsibility as God’s people to teach our children, and to teach them righteousness, and to raise them up in the way that they should go, that they might bring glory and honor and praise unto Thee, for You are worthy.” ~ Alan Quinn

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