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Terms and Conditions

By creating an account or logging into Homeschool Reporting Online, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All data entered into Homeschool Reporting Online is the property of the reporting family and the umbrella school(s) which the family is or has been a member. The data is accessible through the online tools provided.
  2. Umbrella schools have access to view and modify the data for each family in their school once the family has selected the school for their account.
  3. Once a family has left an umbrella school (by by withdrawing, graduating or some other means), the family becomes "Inactive" to the former umbrella school. Because former schools are required to possess records for former students, former umbrella schools will have continued access to "Inactive" family records.
  4. Data will not be released without the consent of the family.
  5. Homeschool Reporting Online is not responsible for data that is mismanaged or released by umbrella schools or member families.
  6. Member families may only record their children. Multiple families may not share an account.
  7. Students may use the family account, but only under parental supervision.
  8. To use our system, you must be a homeschooling family or legitimate umbrella organization desiring an online reporting solution.
  9. Understand that using our services and generating online transcripts does not guarantee college entrance. Homeschool Reporting Online does not verify the accuracy of the information recorded by our members.
  10. When deleting your Homeschool Reporting Online records, warning messages are given before data is actually deleted. If data is accidentally deleted in spite of warning messages, student data can be recovered for a fee of $100 per student.
  11. Homeschool Reporting Online works diligently to ensure that the website and database are maintained properly. Therefore, you will not hold Homeschool Reporting Online, or any member of its staff responsible for any lost data or breaches of security.
  12. Families should keep paper backup copies of their information at all times. Technology is not always reliable.
  13. Older internet browsers that do not support current technology may not be able to take advantage of all the features on the site. Make sure you have an up to date version of your internet browser. In addition, your browser must have Javascript enabled to reduce the risk of manual data entry errors.
  14. Discounts are offered at the discretion of Homeschool Reporting Online.
  15. Homeschool Reporting Online reserves the right to terminate user accounts and web services at any time without prior notice.
  16. Homeschool Reporting Online has a record retention policy of three years. If a member has not accessed their information within the last three years, Homeschool Reporting Online reserves the right to permanently delete this information without notice.
  17. Homeschool Reporting Online reserves the right to modify the "Terms and Conditions" at any time without prior notice. It is the responsibilty of each member to check the "Terms and Conditions" page for changes or updates. If a change to the "Terms and Conditions" becomes a concern to a member, they should contact Homeschool Reporting Online immediately.
  18. If any disagreement arises between you and Homeschool Reporting Online that requires any form of arbitration, the disagreement will be resolved in the State of Florida, in Jefferson County, in accordance with the "Guidelines for Christian Conciliation" as described by Peacemaker Ministries.



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